The Lizard Lab is an ongoing, community-based illustrated project centered around the story of a deranged scientist named [REDACTED] who believes the future of our species lies in an entirely different species -- lizards. It is a far-ranging story, taking us to exotic places like Uzbekistan, Japan, and Texas, throughout the 1960s - 1980s. Ultimately, The Lizard Lab is an experiment in multiple modes of illustrated storytelling, and takes the form of web-based puzzles, interactive comics, animated emotes, exchangeable NFTs, and an upcoming art book. 

Excerpts from one of [REDACTED]'s journals, including a collage from one of his particularly creative manic states. 

A sample of the 5000 NFTs used to fund the original project; each one was a unique, random recombination of over 250 different, hand-drawn traits. For this project, NFTs essentially served as an alternative to Kickstarter that allowed us to authenticate our backers, and allowed them to rep the project on Twitter and Discord.  

Images from after the traumatic event that came to be known as "The Incident." Things eventually became more or less the same, but a little bit more lizard-y. 

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